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Dr Anil Kumar

Scientist Soil Science... View Profile

Dr Rajender Singh Jarial

Scientist Mushrooms... View Profile

Dr Santosh Kumari

Scientist Vegetable Breeding... View Profile

Dr Raghubir Singh Prasher

Professor Agricultural Economics... View Profile

Dr Balbir Singh Dogra

Principal Scientist Vegetable Breeding... View Profile

Dr Kamal Sharma

Principal Scientist Agroforestry... View Profile

Dr Rakesh Kumar Mandradia

Principal Scientist Vegetable Pathology... View Profile

Dr Som Dev Sharma

Principal Scientist Fruit Science... View Profile

Dr Virender Rana

Principal Scientist Entomology... View Profile

Dr Ajay Banyal

Assistant Professor Propagation and Nursery... View Profile

Dr Ajay Sharma

Assistant Professor Entomology... View Profile

Dr Amit Sharma

Assistant Professor Wave Propagation and Mathematical Physics... View Profile

Dr Anil Kumar Verma

Assistant Professor Post Harvest Technology... View Profile

Dr Ravi Bhardwaj

Assistant Professor Medicinal and Aromatic Plants... View Profile

Dr Bharti

Assistant Professor Statistics... View Profile

Dr Karuna Dhiman

Assistant Professor Biotechnology and Applied microbiology... View Profile

Dr Monica Sharma

Assistant Professor Plant Pathology... View Profile

Dr Jagreeti Gupta

Assistant Professor Floriculture and Landscape Architecture... View Profile

Dr Chaman Negi

Assistant Professor Natural Resource Economics... View Profile

Ms Reshma Negi

Assistant Professor Floriculture... View Profile

Dr Prem Prakash

Assistant Professor Agroforestry, Silviculture, Forest Management... View Profile

Dr Reena Kumari

Assistant Professor Biotechnology... View Profile

Dr Richa Salwan

Assistant Professor Microbiology... View Profile

Dr Rohit Sharma

Assistant Professor Organic Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Raj Saini

Assistant Professor Microbiology... View Profile

Dr Som Dutt Sharma

Assistant Professor Agroforestry... View Profile

Dr Dushyant Sharma

Assistant Professor Tree Breeding... View Profile

Dr Sneh Lata Sharma

Assistant Professor Plant Tissue Culture, Molecular biology... View Profile

Dr Shiv Pratap Singh

Assistant Professor Vegetable Breeding... View Profile

Dr Swapana Sepehya

Assistant Professor Soil fertility and chemistry... View Profile

Dr Meenakshi Thakur

Assistant Professor Biochemistry... View Profile

Dr Vikas Kumar Sharma

Assistant Professor Fruit Breeding and Genetic Resources... View Profile

Dr Sanjeev Kumar Sanyal

Assistant Professor Taxonomic identification of agaricomycetous fungi.... View Profile

Dr Pritam Chand Sharma

Retired Professor FST/PHT... View Profile